Marking the Moment and Moving On

It’s been quiet on the Cyfellion front over the last 6 months or so as I have been focussed on managing the final renovations of Antioch Centre and the Ail Gyfle-Second Chance social enterprise workshops here in Llanelli as well as handing on some roles and responsibilities. All good stuff and am very pleased with how its all looking. Some rest over the last few months and experimenting with a new, more relaxed rhythm has left space for looking forward.

We would like to mark the beginning of the next stage in the journey of cyfeillion-friends with some prayer, worship, and communion so this is an invitation to join us if you are able and would like to stand with us. You won’t be signing up to anything but we would appreciate your company and prayers as we begin to explore some new landscapes

Place : Whitford Beach, Llanmadoc, north Gower
Date : Saturday July 1st
Time : 12pm

We will head back to the caravan for a light lunch so if you are coming could you message or email me on