Go Narrow To Go Deeper

Phew! I made to the end of the year! It was touch and go at times, but glad of a week in my ‘cave’ to rest, reflect and decompress. Being an introvert it’s the only way to recharge and I am sure I am not alone in this.

This year has been the beginning of a sea change, re-alignments ready for the next phase with all the wrestling with myself, turbulence and choppy waters that goes with such reshaping. Reducing what I am responsible for, whether that is handing over managing a community call centre service Antioch provides, a change in role on finances or downsizing from my 3 bedroom house and large garden to a one bedroom flat.

I heard loud and clear this month that I was to ‘go narrow to go deeper’ and it feels like this re-alignment is still in process. It brings with it some challenges but there are stepping stones and I am not ruling out walking on water either!

Throughout this year I have also been working with some friends to establish Y Tŷ Celf – The Art House, a community interest company which aims to make art the heart of the community. We want to support artists and increase the community’s connection with the arts, particularly visual arts. The company was finally incorporated on October 31st, 2017 and in November I had a series of 4 dreams over a 2 week period.

In each dream I am in a room with people, but the people I am with are different each time; firstly Theresa May, UK government prime minister in a highly structured context, facing a vulnerable and challenging situation not of her own making but who has influence over how the country develops and moves forward.

Then, Patricia King, a long standing and reputable apostolic voice, female business entrepreneur, founder of xpmedia.com in the USA and is part of the Revival Alliance (Johnson, Arnott, Ahn etc).

Then  Martin & Gayle Scott from the UK new church stream currently living a prophetic lifestyle outside the structured church with ”a deep concern for the nation of Spain and the political shape of the land….understanding that the body of Christ is to take responsibility for the health of the world.” They seek to work this through, taking responsibility for holding the space open for a new politics of love in Spain and for the sake of Europe – looking for societal change as the fruit of the gospel.

Finally, Billy Bragg, a singer songwriter and left wing activist. His music focuses on societal change and getting younger people involved in activism. He identifies as a progressive, someone who wants to see society re-organised so that everyone has access to the means by which to reach their full potential. His classic 1988 protest song ‘waiting for the great leap forward’ (the ‘great leap forward’ was Chairman Mao’s attempt to revolutionise China’s economy) resonates as much today and reflects the power of popular culture and the importance of individual actions.

“If no one seems to understand
start your own revolution, cut out the middle man
in a perfect world we’d all sing in tune
but this is reality, so give me some room.
So join the struggle while you may
The revolution is just a T-shirt away.

Quite a selection, but what could it all mean? Some historic influences, some current, some reflective of spheres in which I have stood to pray for change and transformation in people and communities. Interestingly in the dreams the only one I actually talked to was Billy Bragg and we were in a pub at the time!

My feeling is these dreams were confirming the transition I am in the midst of. A move to narrow down my focus to dig deeper into creative writing and visual arts. I firmly believe that artists and makers can release spiritual dynamics, heaven to earth, shape culture and release life and lift people up. For many years I have looked to produce work that leads people into encounters with angels and the heavenly realms, to open up new possibilities of experiencing God’s heart for people and His creation, bringing light and understanding.

Skipping in to the new year with hope and expectation.