2018 – The Year of the Left Turn

left turn Quite a few prophetic words being released for 2018, Jim Goll, Elijah List. I am aware that these are both from the American context and have found little in the way of prophetic voices in the UK. Maybe I am just not tuned in to those stations.

For many 2017 was a turbulent year and people I know generally seem to be glad to see the new year in. Personally as I skipped across the threshold and into a new space I hit the brick wall of work related realities that needed attention. Learning like Jesus to walk through the wall, albeit in a different way.

As I ponder the way ahead I feel that 2018 will be the year of the ‘left turns.’ What does that mean? If you are anything like me you are a pro-active imaginer of possibilities and options, thinking through implications and consequences to see how it all feels, sensing what Jesus is saying before settling on a direction and next steps. I have a sense of where things are flowing this year but sense that there could be a left turn (or turns) up ahead that I hadn’t anticipated. On a grander scale its already happening in the political left in the UK as Momentum gain more influence in the Labour party. Also in the USA the New York Times article reports the ‘hard left turn’ of some Democrats as they prepare for the 2020 elections.

Even though I have a sense of where things are flowing this leads me to hold things even more lightly than normal. So whether you are pro-active planner or a re-active responder I wonder if we would do well to be prepared for the unexpected left turn events that may surprise us this year.

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