Wild Wandering

21st century adventures born out of intimacy with Jesus, journeyed amongst the poor and the broken in this nation and the nations—a grassroots movement, signs and wonders, His goodness in the everyday. “Wild Wandering” is interactive, designed to be written in and lived, drawing from the Celtic Christian tradition not as “nice” nostalgia but as a challenge to a rawness of adventure and rest, connection and creativity. It is a call to friendship with the Holy Spirit, to establishing the outrageously forgotten truth that the Father is good and that He cares. Let’s go!

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Carriers of the Fire £8

This is the untold story of a revival outpouring that changed the lives of women across a whole nation. Housewives became radical evangelists determined to reach the despised and the broken. Young girls became teenage revivalists. Chapel soloists became inspired worship leaders carrying the heart of the nation in song. Silenced women found their voice as fiery preachers.

The words of girls and women speak for themselves. They challenge us in our day to release God’s purposes through the young, the women, the poor and the broken.

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tkf-web-picA lost sister, broken minds; a journey through ritual shadow lands of an ancient evil, in search of a flame.

It started the day that normal went missing. Until the day of the lost sister, lost wife, they were two ordinary families from Wales and England.

They discovered a past that spoke in splintered voices of torture and abuse… A picture that crossed boundaries and unlocked the stories of strangers…

A kindness that walked through walls and opened doors into new dimensions. Where would it end?

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Adopted in the Desert Cover webIn ‘Adopted in the Desert’ Bill Archer, in conversation with Karen Lowe, tells the story of his journey of faith amongst the Aboriginal desert people. He describes the supernatural nature of his calling, at the age of seventy-five, to this ministry. Now aged ninety he is still on a beautiful journey which has also taken him to other nations.

Reading ‘Adopted in the Desert’ is like sitting with him outside his caravan, yarning together, and being inspired to do the small things Jesus is asking of you.


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